HFL Boot camp Day 1 (2019)

A first in the history of the HFL, the 2-day HFL boot camp got introduced to this cohort’s founders. A weekend full of fun, knowledge and development waited for the motivated founders at the HULT Undergraduate Campus in London. The HFL boot camp has begun!

After a short introduction of the new board members and leading bodies of the HFL, the founders directly pitched their idea and introduced themselves to their fellow founders, all of whom will be in this program for the next nine weeks. Ideas variated from industry, interest and development, but in each and every pitch the board was clearly enticed by the creativity of founders in this terms cohort. From education to tech, and from airports to brokerage, the individuality of the ideas was evident.

After the introductory round, both HFL leaders, Prof Liliana Caimacan and Prof Daniel Rukare started with the knowledge sharing, which was essential for the founders. To get into the program, our lead advisors discussed everything from the business plan to USPs. With everything discussed in detail, the founders got a better picture of what they will work on in the upcoming program.

While the founders and board members had standing lunch, a lot of networking and talking took place, whereas already the first friendships, and/or business propositions, as well as possible collaborations got discussed.

The afternoon was centred around formulating risky assumptions and deriving hypothesis’ from them, for the developing businesses, whereby the founders needed to take into account the MVP, as well as the future customer groups.

After an exhausting day full of activities, and the entire cohort was sent out on their last mission; to go out on the open streets and test their previously formulated hypothesis’ on real people. Time to prepare for day 2!

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