HFL Boot Camp Day 2 (2019)

It’s Sunday and time to rock’n’roll! We kicked off the HFL Boot Camp Day 2 on October 8th at 10 AM after a good nights rest. Day 1 was hard, but nothing we can’t handle! With the cohort ready, we set off, picking up the reins where we ended the day before; data collection. We had told our cohort to formulate their three riskiest assumptions and attach a hypothesis to each of those assumptions. Thereafter, it was up to them to ‘hit the streets’ and test their hypothesis’ on potential clients for their projects.

With a majority of the cohort having collected some data, we could begin the HFL boot camp day 2. Here, our focus is on the value proposition of the ideas in the cohort and how to execute solution-engineering, with the product/market fit and ideal consumer in mind.

In the Hult Founders Lab, we believe that creation is practical, and, therefore, learning should be as practical as possible too. This is why, throughout day 2, our main focus was on the cohort actually working with their business ideas. Filling in a value proposition canvas, iterating their assumptions based on real feedback and generally honing in on the actual problem/solution.

It was encouraging for us to see many founders pivot their business ideas. Some realized that who they thought was the customer, wasn’t at all. Others found that the actual problem wasn’t being addressed in their solution design. All-in-all, we are happy to see everyone evolve so quickly, and having an agile mindset.

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