Hult Founders Lab Week 1: It Starts With You

Hult’s Founder’s Lab is back this term with exciting programs, guest speakers, as well as eye-opening activities. We are very proud of all the startups that have joined us! For those of you who have not yet heard about what we’ve been doing lately, then reading this blog post out would be a very good idea! It starts with you!

One of our main purpose at HFL is to create and support an innovative space for all our founders. We are grateful to say that it has been truly inspiring this couple of weeks learning together and also hosting a couple of events with guest speakers. Yesterday, on the 23rd of October, we were able to get the opportunity to listen to Alexandra Cruz Welch, our fellow Hult Alumni and founder of Harvest London, also the ambassador of Thought For food (World’s next-generation innovation engine for food and agriculture). Alexandra started by defining what value is. As may you might know, the value proposition is key in startups. Finding out what “value” means, might not be that simple. It is no doubt that putting a value on our future goods and services is a complex process. One that needs time, effort, and of course a lot of thoughts. How do we create value? Alexandra made a point that the most important value in a business is our founders itself.

“Your value proposition starts with you”.

Question of the day:

How can we bring value to our community, friends, and family around us?

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