Hult Founders Lab Week 2: 360-Pitch

This week was our 360-pitch event; this means that all founders needed to pitch their business idea or existing start-ups to the other program member. Hosted at the Hult campus.

The audience, therefore, roasted and gave clear & transparent feedback and critics back to the pitching founders. Thankfully all founders are still motivated, and the whole atmosphere in the room was great. The ideas and businesses already developed quite well since the first pitches during our Bootcamp 2 weeks ago, and the board was very proud of seeing the founders doing such a fantastic job! A very successful 360-pitch event.

Furthermore, the founders learn from each other, and can through the feedback, develop their idea even more. Some founders went down. Completely different paths, whereas some others decided to have a new customer group, a new USP, a new idea for a CSR, and much more. This helps the founders getting on the right path with their concept and their future business. All in all, the process the founders went through is incredible, considering the early time of the program. 

The board is looking very much forward to the future! Well done!

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