Spotlight: BRASA Paris 2018

In November Franco Torres, a member of the HFL went to Paris for the yearly BRASA European Leadership conference.

BRASA is the largest organization of international Brazilian students as it currently has 3500+ active members spread around 72 universities around mainly the United States and Europe.

Franco went to the conference representing his main startup, Dorm Made – the social meal-sharing platform. Dorm Made is a social network that connects college students cooking in their dorms, shared kitchens or flats with other students in search of a healthy yet cheap meal option.

Once Dorm Made reaches product-market fit the BRASA network will be extremely helpful in exposing the solution to thousands of university students around the globe who seek to save time, energy and money by dining Dorm Made!

The theme of this years conference was resignifying the “Jeitinho Brasileiro” and had renowned Brazilian guest speakers such as Maitê Lourenço – Founder and CEO at BlackRock Startups, Jean Philippe Rosier, Founder of Perestroika who is revolutionizing the Brazilian educational system, Guilherme Junqueira, Founder and CEO of Gama Academy – nominated one of the best educational startups by Google’s Singularity University; to name a few of the great minds present and their amazing accomplishments.

The “Jeitinho Brasileiro” is defined as finding a way to accomplish something by circumventing or bending the rules or social conventions. Most times it is harmless but the mindset of this “lifestyle” is many times the base for corruption and leads to cases where one takes advantage of situations as well as people. The conference’s purpose was to unite influential Brazilian student-leaders in an attempt to re-shape the Jeitinho and use it to disrupt paradigms for the betterment of society – which is exactly what Dorm Made attempts to achieve by completely transforming the eating habits of college students, as well as the way they interact with one another. Dorm Made believes in a world where health and practicality go hand in hand and through the sharing economy they are transforming healthy eating into a social activity.

Dorm Made is currently testing its platform in the UK and raising a seed round to further develop the product. Franco will be transferring to Hult San Francisco on September 2019 and plans to penetrate the American market aggressively with the help of tech titans from Silicon Valley.

“Motivation ranking” of reasons why employees seek startups

Results from a sample of +20 thousand candidates applying for jobs with Perestroika.

  1. Purpose
  2. Autonomy
  3. Flexibility
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Inspiring Leaders
  6. Work-Life Balance
  7. Love for what you do
  8. Positive Impact
  9. Make Money
  10. Dress Code
  11. Open Communication Culture

Notice how salary comes in only at the 9th position.

Franco at Ecolé Polytechnique’s lake, the university where the conference was held. This institution is renowned for the quality of its student body as it is considered a powerhouse, breading multiple revolutionary French politicians.

Gregorio Duvivier is the Founder of Porta Dos Fundos – Brazil’s 4th most subscribed to Youtube channel. The comedy channel releases sketches depicting social situations in a satirically exaggerated manner. The parodies cover themes such as religion, drug use, sexuality, political corruption as well as everyday frustrations and the criticisms made represent the voice of the Brazilian underworld.

Franco supporting the local politicians. During the conference, Parisians were protesting against abusive government tax on gasoline.

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